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The Kalis Ilustrisimo Core Fighting Style is a series of short instructional videos. 

Concentrating entirely on the fighting concepts favoured Grand Master Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo. When I was learning from him one on one. I specially asked him to focus on the techniques and tactics he actually used when engaging in combat. 

Simple, Efficient, Effective was the “trademark” of his movements. 

- Ray Floro

Lesson Lesson 4 - Battlefield Range

Detailing and breaking down the versatile “Roof Block”.
With slight alterations. This defensive move can defend against a wide variety of strikes.
It also caters for offensive moves when you want to close in the distance to neutralise your opponent.
This Lesson also goes into great explanation on when and how to use the non-weapon hand. This makes the crucial difference between success and failure at this deadly distance.
Couple Lesson 4 with the previous videos. You will have an effective balanced game no matter what situation.