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Takes you though the basic foundation of FFS. This lesson enables you to take one form of attack and a handful of defensive moves to create an easily learnt system.
Gives you ideas to maximise range without moving your feet. The methods found throughout this DVD is applicable to all manner of improvised, impact and edged weapons. Teaches you how to develop the F.F.S. non-telegraphic strike.
Builds on Lesson One and introduces variations to allow even greater options in simple attack and defence. It also covers longer range non-telegraphic striking methods and strategies.
Deals with the crucial area of close quarter fighting. Teaches you to effectively deal with an opponent who is aggressively charging and pressing his attack.
This important segment also provides lessons in defending yourself unarmed against an armed attack. The moves presented here are simple, yet applicable to all manner of scenarios.
Covers the essence of FFS strategy. Learning to set up an opponent. How to create openings through deception and drawing you assailant. In effect, you are in control. It further expands to showing how to use longer weapons of opportunity like magazines, walking canes and umbrellas etc.
Shows you specialized moves to use against a more skilled opponent. It also teaches the FFS method to bridge the distance between you and your opponent at distances considered extreme long range.

The Essential Ray Floro is a complete system of Edged Weapon combat and defence. It is simple to learn and one of the most effective systems of self defence available today. Efficient, direct and immediate, this edged weapon program is used by members of the military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.
With 30 years experience, Ray has instructed specialist Military and Police units both at home and abroad, having taught his system to US and Korean Special Forces and the Australian Military as well as numerous SWAT teams and other specialist military and law enforcement personnel.


Martial Arts involves some level of contact and physical exertion, and the participant hereby assume all responsibility for my own actions and safety.
This video is for educational purposes, and does not condone or encourage violence or use of weapons in anything except a training or self defence situation.
Self defence and use of weapons laws will vary from state to state and country to country. It is up to the participant to ensure they are compliant with these laws.
Any use of weapons, training or otherwise, has an inherent risk. In using and referencing the content of this video the participant acknowledges that they will not hold responsible the producers, distributors or anyone associated with production of this training video responsible for any injury, death or property damage resulting from their participation in the activity