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Ray Floro Essential Kalis Ilustrisimo - Vol 2 
This video incorporates TWO Instructor Accreditation Seminars. Plus a bonus section.
Those who know me will agree that I don’t teach seminars identically. So you will have two seminars of the same topic, but from different perspectives.
Part 2 is a comprehensive course on how I personally apply the Core 7 techniques from the backhand posture. The concepts presented here gives a thorough understanding of my tactics and strategies.
Topics include:-
  • The Essential 7 Core Techniques
  • Speed Assist
  • Fakes and Deceptions
  • Setting up your opponent
  • Breaking the timing and rhythm
  • Baiting your opponent
  • Efficient counter attacks
  • Counter disengages. Opening up your opponents defence
  • Effective sword manipulation that gives you the edge in sparring
  • Footwork and Evasion
  • Efficient Defence
  • Solo drill sequence that Grand Master Ilustrisimo and all the Masters use
  • Much more
Bonus section on the LAMECO drills covering Punong Guro Edgar Sulite’s original “Eskrima 1 to 12” and “Kali 1 to 12” fight combinations.


Martial Arts involves some level of contact and physical exertion, and the participant hereby assume all responsibility for my own actions and safety.
This video is for educational purposes, and does not condone or encourage violence or use of weapons in anything except a training or self defence situation.
Self defence and use of weapons laws will vary from state to state and country to country. It is up to the participant to ensure they are compliant with these laws.
Any use of weapons, training or otherwise, has an inherent risk. In using and referencing the content of this video the participant acknowledges that they will not hold responsible the producers, distributors or anyone associated with production of this training video responsible for any injury, death or property damage resulting from their participation in the activity