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Romeo Macapagal - The Complete Authentic Kalis Ilustrisimo
A rare and tremendous opportunity to learn from one of the last living 1st Generation students of Grand Master Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo.
Also known as the “Archivist” of the Kalis Ilustrisimo System. He rarely teaches publicly. Opting to have few close knit students to pass on the legacy.
With his permission. We now offer real, authentic “original” teaching from the Master himself.
Master Romy brings detailed and technical explanations to the mystery of the Ilustrisimo system.
More than 5 hours of footage, over 3 volumes, not only does he share the techniques, he also shares the history, philosophy and culture of different FMA groups. 
Volume 1 covers the core fundamentals of Kalis Ilustrisimo
  1. Single Stick/Sword
  2. Empty Hand vs Stick
  3. Long vs Short Weapons
Volume 2 further elaborates the principles of Kalis Ilustrisimo
  1. Single Stick
  2. Knife
  3. Training Methodology
Volume 3 covers never before taught concepts on Kalis Ilustrisimo
  1. Empty hands vs The Knife.
  2. Knife vs Knife.
  3. DOS MANOS. Two hand grip utilising the walking cane
This is the first time many of these topics have been formally covered in public teaching.


Martial Arts involves some level of contact and physical exertion, and the participant hereby assume all responsibility for my own actions and safety.
This video is for educational purposes, and does not condone or encourage violence or use of weapons in anything except a training or self defence situation.
Self defence and use of weapons laws will vary from state to state and country to country. It is up to the participant to ensure they are compliant with these laws.
Any use of weapons, training or otherwise, has an inherent risk. In using and referencing the content of this video the participant acknowledges that they will not hold responsible the producers, distributors or anyone associated with production of this training video responsible for any injury, death or property damage resulting from their participation in the activity